Denali YoungWolfe

Denali YoungWolfe is a traditionally adopted Nehiyaw womyn from Muskowekwan Saskatchewan. I grew up on bannock, beadwork and powwow. I have lived in Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC. In my time on Turtle Island I have been gifted family, culture, and knowledge - both traditional and academic so that I may protect the seven generations, forward and back. 
As a Graduate Student Trainee I bring over ten years experience as an advocate, liaison, staff, and professional development trainer for a variety of organizations with Indigenous demographics (CFS, ICFS, VACFSS, Fraser and Coastal Health, Correctional Services Canada, Justice Institute of BC, UNYA -Transitional Foster Care, Leave Out Violence BC).  

I have personally been a ward of the state both before and after being traditionally adopted. After years of working with children in care, at risk youth and special needs children, I went to Simon Fraser University, where I obtained my BA in Indigenous studies. I am now attending the University of Saskatchewan where I am working towards my Master degree in Indigenous studies.