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The Pe-kīwēwin Project


Pe-kīwēwin is a 5 year SSHRC funded project (2016-2021) which seeks to understand how Canada’s Indigenous Policy– from the residential school era, through to today’s Child Welfare system, has resulted in a national Indigenous Child Removal System (ICRS). Our focus will be on policies between the late 1940s and 1985, which created a system of Indigenous Child Removal that goes beyond the “60’s Scoop” to include the ongoing overrepresentation of Indigenous children living away from their families, communities and culture as adoptees and ‘wards’ of the Canadian government.

Through archival research and interviews with Indigenous Adoptees, Foster survivors, Foster and Adoptive Parents, and professionals in the field of Indigenous Adoption and Child Welfare/Removal our project will begin the much-needed process of mapping Indigenous Child Removal in Canada.


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The Pe-kīwēwin Project aims to examine how exactly Canadian policy and practice have resulted in the largescale removal of Indigenous children from Indigenous families and communities, and in so doing, provide a way forward, or as our name suggests, Pe-kīwēwin; a way home. We plan to provide a series of recommendations to alter the Indigenous child welfare system and influence policies that do not support Indigenous children and families.

The Pe-kīwēwin Team includes Indigenous and non-Indigenous academics, researchers, advocates and adoptees. Led by Dr. Raven Sinclair, an adoptee, the 24 member national team has diverse experience and expertise in the fields of child welfare, policy development and analysis, law, human rights, Indigenous knowledge systems, social work, government studies, history and archival research, transracial adoption, and both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

For more information, contact the Principal Investigator Raven Sinclair or one of our Research Assistants at pekiwewin.project@uregina.ca.


Indigenous Research Framework

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